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What we are Building:

The Penn Valley Community Foundation will build and operate a 9,975 sqft. Community Center facility featuring; fully equipped, Wi-Fi / technologically connected meeting rooms available to residents and businesses within the sphere of influence of Penn Valley on an hourly basis; a commercial kitchen; outdoor pavilions and patios; a complete proscenium theater/stage with sound system and lighting for meetings and events including green room; a banquet room and the main meeting hall plus the ability to store large quantities of food in a walk-in cold box/freezer for local ag use.

Where will it be located?

The Penn Valley Community Foundation property, located at 10592 Spenceville Rd. is 4.77 acres situated within easy access of the town center, in the proximity of medical facilities, the Penn Valley Fire Department, Ready Springs School (a designated OES facility), The Penn Valley Rodeo grounds, restaurants, shopping, personal services, churches and more.

How the community will use it:

The facilities and grounds will accommodate many outside uses such as local non-profit fundraisers, private weddings and other events, outdoor and indoor concerts & live theatre, Emergency services such as OES and Red Cross command center and food preparation, and a garden area for food production and education for organizations such as Sierra Harvest and food banks. The high-speed internet and meeting rooms will encourage and foster local, home-based business uses and growth of opportunity for the community. The outdoor pavilions and landscape will lend themselves to maintaining much-needed outdoor open space for natural enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle.

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