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Community Kitchen Garden

Community Need

There has been a demonstrated and vital need for a community center of this kind in Penn Valley (a low-income community) for many years, but currently, the need has taken on new urgency due to several inter-related factors, including the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has intensified the need for which will help improve life for its rural residents.  Nevada County has the highest number of senior residents (per capita) in the entire state, and Penn Valley is no different, with 32% of residents over 60. Second, many of these local folks have been suffering from isolation and a lack of a central gathering space long before the Pandemic struck, which has only exacerbated and compounded these issues of loneliness, situational depression, and anxiety. Coupled with a lack of high-speed internet connectivity for many residents, this dynamic has led to an even more devasting impact on local seniors and students at the other end of the spectrum.

The PVCC will provide a much-needed community hub with a wide variety of needed resources for all residents and organizations in the Penn Valley sphere of influence – especially in the aftermath of the Pandemic, this Project embodies the glue our community needs to rebuild, recover, revive and prosper in togetherness. 

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