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Community Kitchen Garden

Community Need

There has been a demonstrated and vital need for a community center of this kind in Penn Valley (a low-income community) for many years, but currently, the need has taken on new urgency due to several interrelated factors, including the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

  • Nevada County has the highest number of senior residents (per capita) in the entire state, and Penn Valley is no different, with 32% of residents over 60. Second, many of these local folks have been suffering from isolation and a lack of a central gathering space long before the Pandemic struck, which has only exacerbated and compounded these issues of loneliness, situational depression, and anxiety.


  • Penn Valley has no public community gathering place outside Lake Wild Wood, a restricted HOA. The Community Center will provide a space for educational and recreational activities enjoyed by the families, seniors, and schoolchildren of Penn Valley.

  • The Community Center will be a meeting place for the area's many non-profit and service organizations.

  • The Community Center will serve as a much-needed emergency service center offering WIFI, Cooling services, and kitchen availability to feed and shelter citizens in an emergency situation.

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