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Project Description

The PVCC will provide a much-needed community hub with a wide variety of needed resources for all residents and organizations in the Penn Valley sphere of influence – especially in the aftermath of the Pandemic, this Project embodies the glue our community needs to rebuild, recover, revive and prosper in togetherness. 



The Center will be staffed by PVCF members, volunteers, and the Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce, who will operate a Visitor’s Center and Community Exhibit in the main lobby area. The Chamber’s mission to promote and stimulate business growth, industry, and agriculture supports the PVCF’s goal of serving as a hub for economic and workforce development.

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The Pavillions

Two 1,000 sq ft, covered Outdoor Pavilions, with a movable stage will serve as setting for outdoor activities, events and performances during the spring, summer and fall. It will accommodate many outside uses such as local non-profit fundraisers; private weddings and parties; outdoor concerts & live theatre, BBQs and more. The Pavilions will generate corresponding revenue streams from these activities and will lend itself to maintaining much needed outdoor/open space for natural enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle. (with a level, walk-able, handicap friendly trail and native plantings)


Commercial Kitchen

The Commercial Kitchen will serve a myriad of uses that will provide benefits to the community as well as revenue streams that will support the PVCF.  A local homelessness service organization, Hospitality House, will conduct a Culinary Training Program that will provide graduates with a certificate upon completion, as well as marketable skills needed to secure work in the food service industry. The Kitchen will be rented to caterers, special events, fundraisers, food trucks, and home-based food preparation businesses looking to expand capacity. Since Penn Valley is home to many commercial farms, local agricultural producers will be able to process and store locally grown produce, dairy, and meat in the ample walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Banquet Hall/Theatre

The Banquet Hall/Theater will accommodate a wide range of special events including concerts, private parties, fundraisers, conferences, weddings, expos, fairs, community forums/events/services, health screenings, lectures, business retreats, recreational activities for kids, families and seniors, concerts, plays, dance/music recitals and more.  This will be the facility’s main hall with a seated capacity of 240 and an 800 sq. ft. stage, a green room/dressing room, along with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment. 

Business/Workforce Development

Sierra Commons, a local nonprofit providing support and resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and remote workers, will support the Business and Workforce Development Hub. Services will include a Business Ignitor to assist new businesses in getting up and running as well as helping to kickstart existing enterprises. New and existing business owners will also provide coworking opportunities and business mentoring. Nevada County’s Alliance for Workforce Development will provide workforce education and training to develop and maintain a skilled and culturally competent workforce that focuses on emerging job sectors and remote working skill sets.


In a concerted effort to improve the quality of life for the many community members that lack high-speed internet, the PVCF will offer an E-Connectivity Hub and Collaborative Technology Center to provide rural residents with access to global information and cultural resources, as well as educational and economic development opportunities. This Hub will provide high-speed internet access via computer workstations, WIFI, and other tech resources.

Smart Meeting Rooms

The Smart Meeting Rooms will be powered by intelligent technology that integrates hardware and software tools into the meeting space to create a highly productive meeting experience for remote and in-person attendees. This includes a video conferencing setup, smart whiteboards, and more to harness the latest tech advances so that businesses and groups have the best tools to help them succeed.


The facility will have 2 office spaces for use by a revolving cohort of nonprofit service providers that will focus on the current needs of the community.  One of the most pressing needs is prevention, education, treatment, and recovery services for individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUD), including opiate misuse.  Local SUD service provider, Granite Wellness Centers, will provide regular staffing to conduct evidenced-based education, outpatient treatment, and recovery programs targeting the needs of the community. The office will supply harm reduction strategies, including providing fentanyl test strips, Naloxone, and other overdose-reversing devices. Service organizations such as AA and NA will also have a home here.


Community Garden

The Commercial Kitchen will serve a myriad of uses that will provide benefits to the community as well as The Community Garden will be managed by Sierra Harvest and the Food Bank of Nevada County.  Sierra Harvest, whose mission is to transform lives and strengthen community through fresh, local, seasonal food, is the preeminent provider of nutritional education for children and Farm to Table school food programs. Along with the Food Bank and local farmers, they with provide community education on gardening, healthy food habits and agricultural workforce training.

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