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The Penn Valley Community Foundation was formed on November 21st, 2000. It became an official non-profit public benefit corporation on October 5th, 2005 - A 501(c)3 whose sole purpose is to build a community center near 

the town center of rural Penn Valley, California.



The vision of the Penn Valley Community Foundation is to foster a deep sense of community in a safe gathering place for all residents of the Penn Valley Area to enjoy now and in perpetuity in the spirit of our rich heritage and bright future.


The mission of the Penn Valley Community Foundation is to build and operate a community center in Penn Valley. The center will serve as a gathering place for the community, a meeting place for the many non-profit organizations in the area, and a venue for all residents' cultural, educational, recreational, and leisure activities. In addition, we intend to support Penn Valley's home businesses, food production, high-speed internet need, and a safe go-to location for emergency services.

Meet The Board

frank .jpg

Frank Goss, President

Teresa Deitrich-2.jpg

Teresa Dietrich, Vice President


Louis Osterude, Founding Member


Cynthia Chapman, Treasurer

Karen & mark.jpg

Mark and Karen Frederickson, Board Member


Valerie Logsdon, Board Member


Vern Freer, Board Member


Linda Bowers, Board Member

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